Sunday, March 16, 2008

In awe of who they are

Is there a person in your life that although you don't know them intimately, has inspired you to be a better person? Not like some famous person either. Just some average Joe you know from the grocery store or the dentist's office? Well I was reminded of one of those people the other day. Actually its a couple in our church. Their names? Jan and Bob Moorefield. They are amazing.

We met Bob first because he was on the personnel committee that interviewed Nathan for the job here in Naples. He was so kind and inviting from the start. As some of you know, we had a rough entry into the job here at FBCN and I heard through the grapevine that he was one of the people who fought for us to come here. So I was fan of his right away. Then we met his wife Jan. She is so sweet and although soft spoken, she emits such a bright light in our congregation. She has this sparkle in her eyes that captivates your attention and draws you into such a feeling of joy when you are around her.

They have blessed us many times but I will only mention a few due to time. After already being amazing sources of support for us in our transition to ministry life, they became financial supporters toward our trip to Africa in 2006. They stepped up in a huge way and we were so humbled by their generosity. Then, and I will never forget this day, I ran into Bob at Jason's deli but I almost didn't recognize him. I almost missed him because he was riding through the parking lot on a HOG (AKA a Harley Davidson) wearing a bandana and the whole biker boy outfit! I was shocked. He seemed more like the quiet type at church but I was instantly impressed by his now obvious wild side. I grew to love him more that day. Jan lent her helping hand yet again when she showed my mom and Bob around town as they were looking for a place to live last year. She is a real estate agent. Then , and this is the most recent reminder of how I enjoy these two people, I received a card from them in the mail. They were congratulating us on Jovie's upcoming birth and letting us know that the rug we got on our doorstep (See story here) was from them. I was so touched.

Now I know it sounds like I am only inspired by them because of what they give us but I assure you that is not my intention. These are just the tangible expressions of how awesome their hearts are. When I see them in church I am encouraged. When I can, I give them a hug and a hello as if it were somehow a way to thank them for being who they are. They are compassionate, giving, loving, worshipful and so much more and I pray that I am like them someday. They exemplify the art of simply living like Christ did and it surrounds me with awe every time I am around them. Anyway, thank you Moorefield's for your example and friendship. We are truly blessed to know you.

Is there someone in your life that represents something/someone you want to be? Who is it and how do they inspire you? Share the love in the comments section.

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