Thursday, March 13, 2008

To school or not to school?

Over the past few months I have been praying about putting Jaxon into a PreK3 class at our church. At first it was so I could have some alone time with Jovie but God reshaped my heart about that and I started to think about how much growth Jaxon could obtain by going. He is such a smart kid and I feel like that is partly due to the concentrated time I was able to give him for 3 years straight. But would that sponge like receptivity lessen if I were distracted by baby #2? Its likely. I would hate for that to happen b/c like I said, he is a really smart kid and although I don't care about test scores and getting into a good college, I want him to be well rounded and know how to seek wisdom through learning. So I did what any parent would do: I started asking questions, I attended an open house, got the application, and today I observed a class in action.

It was great! They were learning about bees and wasps and how they have three parts to them (head, thorax, and abdomen) of course through the form of a song. Then they did some math- 3 bees fly into the hive (aka a tupperware container) now how many are in the hive? 3 thats right. Then two more bees fly into the hive and join them. Now how many bees are in the hive? As the kids raised their hands and gave out random answers the teacher suggested they take them out and count them to see how many were inside. 1...2....3...4...5. Five bees are in the hive. And one kid said confidently, "I told you." Then it was time for "centers" where they split up into pairs and were assigned an area of play for about 15 minutes before rotating. The different centers today were: blocks and bugs, puzzles and books with a chalk board, house/kitchen, art- painting, and handwriting where they practiced holding a crayon correctly and coloring according to color (ie grass is green, sky is blue etc). I also saw on their schedule snack time, recess, Bible time, Calendar etc. I got to see some interaction between the students and watch how the teacher and aide diffused situations by getting the kids to talk it out between themselves rather than go through and relying on the teacher to fix it. It was a full day.

All in all I was impressed. I was encouraged to see that if we decide to take him, his teacher wouldn't be limiting his learning to only behavioral things but also really practical, foundational aspects to doing well in school. Not to mention the benefit of socialization he would be getting. He would be attending 3 days a week (M, W, TH) from 8:30am-12pm. The class size was about 11-12 to two teachers. Its a lot to consider.

Anyway, I am telling you all of this for two reasons: 1. Pray along with us as we seek to make the right decision for our family. 2. Do any of you have any advice/commentary/ opinions that I should hear before making this choice?

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Anonymous said...

I think it is a great idea. Kids learn the most between Brith and 6 years old. Plus as you mentioned it provides a good way for him to get social interaction with his peers on a consistant basis. Experiencing that for the first time at the age of 6 can be challenging for some kids. It looks like you have thought and prayed about this thoroughly.
I am soooo excited about meeting Jovie! Call me when you have a chance so we can talk about when would be a good time for my visit.

Lots of Love - keep in mind all my advice is coming from someone with no kids :) Mere

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