Sunday, March 16, 2008

Under the weather

I have a tradition that I wish I could break. Every time I am about to enter into some big event in my life, I get really sick. For example when I was giving birth to Jaxon I spent the days in the hospital trying not to cough and keep my C-section incision from coming apart while suffering from a respiratory infection that prompted me to cough every couple of minutes. Let's just say it complicated my recovery. Then when I was participating in my first marathon, I got another respiratory infection and could hardly move let alone run. Let's just say it complicated my race success.

Well Nathan and I were keeping our fingers crossed that I wouldn't get sick this time around but Im not sure if we are going to see that happen. I woke up this morning unable to speak and with a throat so swollen I can hardly breathe. My head feels like it weighs a thousand pounds and is throbbing. Im coughing up lots of green stuff not to mention my eyes are puffy and my ears feel like they are going to pop under all the pressure. It doesn't look like a respiratory infection but I pray its not worse.

Anyway, I have been drinking tea all morning and plan to have some soup for lunch. Jaxon keeps asking me to stop whispering which is kind of funny but he is truly getting frustrated with my lack of sound today.

Please pray for me- that I will recover quickly and this will be no big deal. I would hate to go through another birth feeling like crap before I even get to the hospital bed. Thanks!

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Cherie <> said...

Uh-oh, sounds very similar to what I had all last week. I am finally getting my voice back now and that tea is helping SO much with my throat! Thanks for the tip on that! :) I will pray that you get over it very quickly.

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