Saturday, March 29, 2008


Okay, this is nathan typing for Bethany while she is at the hospital. So instead of just copying my blog and pasting it here, which is what I've been doing, I'm just gonna give you the link to my blog for updates on Jovie.

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Shelia said...


Jovie is BEAUTIFUL!!! As are you, by the way. You look way to pretty to have just had a baby. Congratulations, dear friend. The whole two kid thing requires a bit of adjustment, but soon it gets really fun. Kelsey and Jake so enjoyed one another when they were small. And, after some bumps in the early teenage years, they have come back to a place where they really value one another's opinion and enjoy sharing life together. I am so glad God has given you and Nathan this adventure. Once you get home and away from the night visits from the sweet nurses, life will begin to feel really sweet.

What a great example you will be to your daughter of what it means to be an inquisitive, reflective, artistic, intelligent Godly woman. I am so glad she has you. Blessings, dear one. Enjoy your new little bundle of joy.



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