Thursday, April 10, 2008

Any advice?

Its hard to know what to blog about these days when all I do is feed kids, change diapers and try to entertain a 2-week old and a three-year-old at the same time. So instead I thought I would ask a question. Some of you have had experience going from one to two children and likely have some stories or advice that could help (or at least make us laugh) during this transition. So let me hear them.

How did your kid respond to the new baby? How did you handle the jealousy or frustration of the older child? What are some funny things your kids did when a new baby entered the family? What tips might you have for us on how to get a baby adjusted while maintaining the security for your other child(ren)?

Let me hear from you in the comments section HERE.

(If no one responds I will feel pretty lame b/c I know parenting is a topic everyone chimes in on whether invited or not so at least take advantage of the opportunity to spew your opinions. )


Greta said...

I don't really have any advice it is just one of those things you work through day by day. I will say, however, that we have made great strides in the past eight months that we have had Emmy in our family. Though it hasn't been that easy for Camdyn he has adapted and now he loves having a little sister and is as proud of her as we are. There will be days when Jaxon will astonish you with maturity you didn't know was there. Just enjoy the ride! :)

bonnie said...

When we were all much younger and Jim came along, it was different because he was a boy. We enjoyed all the pleasures of the "new baby". It was when he was a little older, we would ask why does he get to.....and not us? Mom explained carefully as each item occured and we understood. Such as "you are older and know not to......he
doesn't know or understand that yet. You can help me teach him."

Jennifer Barton said...

I think it is different with everyone. Jake didn't really started getting jealous until Jonah was really starting to participate in our lives. But, when Jonah was an infant I would try to hang out with Jake some while Jonah napped, and snuggle Jonah lots during that last feeding after Jake had already gone to sleep. These things occurred on days when I was actually functioning correctly! HA! The great thing is that when Jovie really starts noticing Jaxon, he will totally entertain her! Actually, he could entertain all of us for hours!!!

Greg said...

Our second child was SO much easier then the first. Our daughter was four when our son came along. We immediately noticed how much more relaxed we were with was like old hat. Suddenly we became the expert parents and would snicker at the first timers that were scared to let their new baby out of their sight. We actually let him make moves without us being there to catch him everytime - I call it the first time parent syndrome. As a result he is much more carefree then our daughter.

I can still remember getting ready to leave from a visit with our friends...we were halfway to the care before we realized my son was still in the house, buried up to his eyeball in toys without a care in the world.

Amanda said...

I know from watching my students at school with new siblings that they are elated. Even though the moms and dads come in and say things like, "Cleo has been acting like a baby at home since the new baby came along," and "she's been really jealous," etc., at school (even preschoolers, three year olds), it's like they don't have to act out because their parents aren't there. So you get to see how excited they truly are about the new baby.

They bring pictures of the new baby to school and show them to everybody. They play with the baby dolls in the dramatic play center. They write and draw about the baby. And oddly enough, almost all their behavior is very positive despite the changes at home.

I don't know how that could possibly help you, except to know that though I'm sure Jaxon is jealous/sad/angry at times, there's a lot of joy and pride going on there, too.

Dawn Marie said...

I have several photos where Michelle is holding Baby Brandon and is LEANING away from him, obviously not liking her little brother much. Those are some of the photos I treasure the most.

Roxann said...

I took Christina for her 3 month check up with Lauren in tow. The Pediatrician, Dr.Reina (sweet man) pulled a chair up next to me and asked how are you. I thought he should be checking the baby out. I said really how are you!!!I burst into tears....I'm sooooo tired. I cried for 20 minutes. He asked what are you doing when they are napping. Doing all the things I can't do when they are awake. No.....they nap you nap. After I left his office and got in the car I actually laughed....I thought... wow I must really look bad.

People always ask me How did you do it with 4 kids......what worked for us was a if you ask my kids they will say I was pretty nutty about it.....but I did mellowed with age. My greatest gift in life is them. God Bless you and your family.

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