Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Friday night I had an urge to do something drastic to my hair. I called my friend Christin White and she hooked me up with this new 'do the next day! Some say its hormones that drove me to this--ha!Its funny the responses I have gotten. Everything from "I love it!!!" to " You chopped your hair, do you like it?" Also its confusing because I have heard it makes me look younger and that it is a more "adult" haircut. People are all over the place.

What do you think?

PS If you live in the Naples area I highly recommend Christin to do your next haircut. She is an awesome stylist and such wonderful company! Thanks Girl!


DIXIE said...

It is so cute - I love it - very Posh Spice looking!!

Cherie <> said...

I love it! It looks really good on you. Does she work at a salon or for herself? Tell me more, I could use a good beautician! :)

bonnie said...

Your new style is very attractive on you. It enhances your smile, your eyes and your personality! It does make you look cuter. You will have lots of fun with it.
I like it!

David and Jen said...
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David and Jen said...

Bethany- I love your new do! David told me about it when he came home from church Sat. night and said he liked it too. I have been considering cutting my hair to a similar length, so if I do, I won't feel so alone...

I miss you and can't wait to see you again-

Jen G

PS_Jovie is beautiful, just like her mama!

PS- Jo

Amanda said...

I always think short hair cuts are CUTE and long hair is PRETTY. Both very good things to be. :)

Dawn Marie said...

Perfect. Beautiful.
Happy Birthday!

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