Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My friend returns

I think I have found a dependable, frequent, and unavoidable block of time amidst my new life to write and read blogs. It will be while I am spending at least 30 minutes every 3 hours with my old friend I affectionately refer to as "Medela."

Can you relate ladies?


Shelia said...

My grandparents were dairy farmers. Growing up, I loved to play in the barn at milking time. They used these machines...four little rubbery tube like devices that attached to the sack with hoses that carried the milk back to a large cannister.

The first time I sat down with a breast pump, I had this startling realization that I had become one of my grandpa's cows. Enjoy. ;~)

Eddie Christy said...

I was going to try to tie in a line from "Meet the Parents" here... but I knew I'd just end up sounding like a perv. So... yeah. Just go watch the movie again.

Jennifer Barton said...

Girl, you know I can relate!!! Love you!

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