Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pet pet peeve

I have a dog. A golden retriever to be exact. One of the not-so-fun parts about having a dog is that they poop. Because we live in a strict, association run, condo development, we have to pick up every turd our dog drops or we get fined (I think its up to $200 now).

Anyway, because I love animals, a lot of people ask me to dog sit. I love doing it so I typically say yes! Well the other day as I was dog sitting for a friend and had my mom over with her two dogs I made an observation while watching all 4 dogs go to the bathroom outside. Not all dogs poop the same. There are in fact, two different types of pooping when it comes to canines. The first is what I call the "walk and drop." This doggy style of going #2 is when a dog folds their back legs down into a crouch and then as they are pushing the poop out they keep walking, thus leaving a trail of turds for us to follow when we are trying to pick it up. The second type of pooping that dogs do is what I call the "stop and plop." This form is when the dog folds their back legs and pushes poopy out while staying in one place, thus creating a pile of turds for pick up. Personally, I prefer the "stop and plop" as it is easier and more convenient to pick up all at once instead of one piece at a time. The walk and drop method drives me nuts. I guess its a pet pet peeve of mine.

So what is the point of this post? There isn't one. Just thought I would share with you where my mind goes when I take my dog out to go potty. By the way, my dog, being the best dog in the world, is a stop and plopper. We are a match made in heaven.


Eddie Christy said...

What a crappy post. At least things are picking up.

Yeah... I tried.

Melanie said... mind works the same way. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder which one our caveman ancestor was.

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