Sunday, April 27, 2008

A poem

I heard this on the radio the other day too.

I wish for you, a Garden

by: Tricia LaVoice

“Let her be” I heard the older child whisper to the younger. “Please.” “No, she’s resting.” I laid half awake nursing a headache as my children congregated outside my door. Time past and again, I heard their voices. “Now?” “No.” Curiosity of my child’s impatience and excitement prevailed so I called out for him to come. He ran to my bed side yelling, “Mommy, Mommy! Look, I picked you a beautiful flower!” The proud twinkles in his eyes accompanied his smile that started in his heart and traveling through his tender seven year old body before exploding onto his face. He reached out his hand opening his tightly gripped fingers and laid a freshly picked dandelion beside me. The dandelion, labeled a weed in the book of science, is discarded from our gardens and rarely set on our tables. I picked up the bright yellow gift beside me and searched for a scent I knew was not there. I thought of you knowing that you are feeling discarded, unappreciated at this juncture of your life. My vision holds a different view. I remember your laughter like a field of daises and I see your smile in a bundle of sunflowers. I look to you and see the grace of a lily, the complexity of an orchid and the sweetness of a lilac. But my image of you holds little importance without your embrace. Take a moment and picture the world without flowers. I look to her for lessons knowing that beauty lies deeper than the eye can see. Unlike the rock, strong and independent, she is fragile and vulnerable. She allows herself to need the grace of others for her survival calling on the soil for nourishment, the rain to quench her thirst and the sun to warm her petals. In gratitude she gives back and changes the world with her fragrance and beauty. She is a treasure, a healer, as is human kindness. Let the words of those who love you be your soil and nourish your soul, let their compassion be your rain and quench your thirst for love, let their laughter be your sun and warm your heart. Allow yourself to need and be needed. For you, I wish a garden.


bonnie said...

I love this !

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BDAY, BETHANY!!! I hope you had an amazing day!!!

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