Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The power of imagination

My son has the ability to make amazing worlds appear and beautiful stories take place through the art of using his imagination. He has tuned into the creativity of seeing past the black and white of reality in order to invent places and things far more majestic and colorful. It is an inspiring thing to watch. Here are a few examples:

What do you see?
1. The inner framing of a baby bouncy seat.
What does Jaxon see?
1. An airport for his planes and cars to drive into complete with a moving entrance and exit gate.

What do you see?
2. A garbage bag and a lamp shade.
What does Jaxon see?
2. A space suit and helmet only to be worn during his travels to the moon and Mars.

The creativity he possesses challenges me. It begs me to ponder the questions, "What has happened to my willingness to imagine new worlds of my own? Where has this sense of awe and wonder of the things unseen gone?"

Perhaps that is why children are the examples Jesus uses when referencing the simplicity of faith in God. Faith is truly tested in the unseen things of the spiritual life and that poses the biggest challenge to those of us who have lost touch with our ability to imagine outside of the black and whites of life.

This post is in participation with Water Cooler Wednesdays.

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Audra Krell said...

With the comsumption of "things" no one has to imagine anything anymore, even our children. I have started majorly simplifying our life and it so much more peaceful. I am giving a lot of our things away and being at home is a much better experience.

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