Saturday, April 26, 2008


My mom "moved in" with us yesterday for the weekend- she leaves for Phoenix on Tuesday. Last night she slept in Jovie's room which awarded us some much sought after sleep. But this morning she opened our bedroom door and woke us up with the announcement, "We have a problem!" Of course my heart began to race. She followed that up with the statement, "My car has been towed." I grabbed my cell phone and started wandering around our condo complex to find a sign with the number for the towing company on it. I called and found out it was about 30 minutes away and I had to pick it up by 12 or be charged for another day. It was 8am and we have a birthday party to go to at 11. So I got dressed, got Jaxon dressed, loaded up the car and off we went. When I arrived the towing company employee hadn't shown up yet (he was late for work) so we waited about another 20-30 minutes. Then he told me the charge- $186. SUCK!! When I asked why she got towed in the first place he explained that when I moved into the condo I was given 2 guest parking passes for times when guests would need to stay overnight and park in the spaces provided across the street from my house. To which I replied, "I never got guest parking passes." Let's just say I got an education on what our subdivision's parking policy is and came to learn that I did not have the necessary resources to abide by the rules I was expected to follow. I do not have the guest parking passes or the resident stickers that are supposed to be on my car to notify the towing company that I live here and therefore have certain privileges. Anyway, it was a rough start to our morning. Glad I was able to get more sleep in preparation for it. Sheesh.

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Amanda said...

Arrgh! "Neighborhoods!"

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