Friday, April 25, 2008

Where Am I?

Down the street there is an outdoor shopping district called Waterside shops. It has great resturants and a few stores I like but the rest of it is way out of my price range. Even so, the setting is nice so we go there to walk around or like I

Anyway, the other day I took a student there for a mini photo shoot for some senior pictures. As I was walking around I felt transcended to another place. No longer was I in Naples, FL but suddenly I was in LA or some trendy place like that. I felt as if I had stepped onto the set of The Hills or something as I noticed the people around me. All of the girls were wearing glasses 3x the size of their faces as if they were celebrities in disguise. They dressed as if they had just woken up (in a pair of $300 sweat pants that have some designer name on the butt) or as if they were walking through Rodeo drive in the capri stretchy pants and a shirt that cuffed just at their quads. It was ridiculous how much I felt detached from reality and transcended into a reality TV show.

Is this really the trends of this generation? Wow! I don't get it.

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Vladimir said...

Its happening every where these days , people are stuck with the fashion bug, no matter its is Florida or L.A people are following fashion every where.

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