Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogging women that make me look bad

There are many ladies in the blog (and real) world that make me look bad but I love them anyway. They are better wives, mothers, photographers, friends and sisters than I will ever be. Here are just a few of those women:

Heather Whittaker:
She is one of those cool moms. She does ministry with her husband in the most unconventional ways, she is adventurous and spontaneous, she is crafty and creative, she is beautiful and can cook.

Bethany Roe:
Based on her blog, her life plays out like a vacation at a bed and breakfast (Im assuming, I have never been to one.) Days consist of quiet times, tea, making meals, great conversations and watching the world through her window while she works from home. She is always grateful and full of insight and manages to stay connected to the latest tunes.

Brandi Chambless:
This woman is dripping with Scripture. She is encouraging and poetic. She is a food guru, her families matriarch, and a complete sweetheart.

Carly O'Quinn:
I met this little lady in college and just recently reconnected with her through blogging. She is an amazing photographer, a crafty mom, a professional pregnant person, a great friend (based on the fact that she hasn't lost touch with anyone!), and its fun to say her name in an Irish accent.

Kari Slusser:
This woman reminds me that you don't lose your intellect after having children, even if you don't get to utilize it as much. She is real and honest with her struggles and is always willing to pass along her wisdom, whether it is copyrights and legal issues or how to save a buck. She is bold and well informed/educated on current events.

Becky Gaddis:

This is my sister in law who resides in Tyler, TX. She makes parenting look easy and her kids are seemingly perfect as a result. She is good at maintaining a healthy lifestyle for her entire family and can sing like an angel.

How can I keep up when these women make it look so good?! I can't even compete.


Anonymous said...

Life isn't about competition. It's about valuing and learning from others. You have traits and talents that are different from mine and bless my life.

whittakerwoman said...

Ok so thanks for being so kind. I am laughing at Anonymous... so often I will post something and then those thinkers out there take it totally different. I did not take it as if you were calling us competition. I admire so many woman and all that they do. That does not mean that it is a competition. If I know you well enough I am thinking you were just wanting to highlight some of the ladies out there that you know. So thanks again for the kind words! H

Bethany Gaddis said...

Yet another reason to love Heather Whittaker- she gets me. Maybe its a west coast thing. Anyway, yes anonymous I realize its not a competition, I just admire these lovely beings and wish I could be more like them.

DAD said...

Bethany Ellen,

You are so far ahead of the curve that they have yet to see your image on the horizon.

You have qualities, virtue's, talents and the ability to connect with others, that they have not seen yet!

Besides, you are my daughter, and certain traits extended from me.


Kari said...

OK, your dad is awesome! You are so lucky!
Thanks for the love. I learned from the best (you)!

One Busy Mom said...

Awww...I just came across this. You are too sweet. I'm bootlegging this post!



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