Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Evening of the Arts

Tomorrow night I will be one of many artists within our church that will be showcased at the first ever, Evening of the Arts at First Baptist Church Naples. I am really excited about it but hardly know what to expect. I have never displayed my photography before or sold prints to people outside of my family. (Yes I charged my family for prints too) All but 10% of the proceeds I earn from the evening will go directly into our future adoption fund. The other 10% goes to the First Baptist Academy art department for hosting the event.

If you are in the Naples area stop by, take a look, buy/order a print. It starts at 7pm at FBCN in the commons area. See you there.


Tyler said...

Very cool Bethany. I hope it goes well. Do you have a site for your pics?

BTW-I just changed my blog site to for your lovely linking purposes.

How is the new one?

MOM said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there. I'd want to buy everything but I guess this leaves some for others to purchase. Have a GREAT time tonight, sweetie. I know your work is amazing and many others will know that now too.

Jordan & Bethany said...

How exciting Bethany! Let us know how it turned out.

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