Thursday, May 29, 2008

He's 30!!!

Today my man turns 30. Wow! To me he still looks (and acts) like the college kid I fell in love with 9 years ago. Yet so much in him has changed. He has stepped up to husbandry and fatherhood like a champ and his maturity in worship leading is inspiring. He is playful yet responsible, funny and kind, talented and romantic and best of all, he is mine! I consider it such a blessing to not just know him but to love him for the rest of my life! Here is to 30+ more years keiki!!
(Obviously this picture is a little outdated since Nathan has now shaved his head to be completely bald.)


MOM said...

I like the look - maybe he should let his hair grow out again........ Happy birthday, Nathan.

Dawn Marie said...

I cannot BELIEVE we didn't get details of the Birthday Week this year. Oh well, I'm sure y'all had fun!

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