Sunday, May 04, 2008

How has your day been?

Well today I woke up, and like yesterday, could not get out of bed. Instead of opting for the "cover it up with drugs" path that I took yesterday, I decided it was time to go to the DR- being Sunday, that mean't the ER. We went to a nearby Quick Care ER and were given the royal treatment as they hooked me up to IV's, drugged me with something that started with a D and gave me many examinations by hand. They set up an appointment for me to get a CT scan across the street and then waited with me for the results. At first they thought appendix but I had no other symptoms which left it to my ovaries. The CT scan revealed it was nothing that surgically needed to be fixed but that a bacteria was causing swelling to the tissue in my ovaries and that would need to be treated. Their cure? Vicodin for pain and an antibiotic to fight the bacteria. I have never had Vicodin before so tonight I might be a legitimate drug addict.

Nathan has had to miss some pretty important tasks and rehearsals at work today. I am a little concerned b/c I am predicted to be in pain for at least 48 hours and he leaves town tomorrow for a two day conference. Not easy to parent two kids when you can't even stand for longer than 5 minutes. Thankfully I am surrounded by wonderful friends who have offered to help and have opened their homes to my little clan. This ought to be interesting to watch play out.

PS If I post while on Vicodin, please forgive me if I ramble randomly.


Cherie <> said...

Praying you feel much better soon!

Amanda said...

Bethany! I had no idea this was all happening, and am so sorry! You will be in our prayers. I miss you!!

Will you guys both be at our house on Thursday?

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