Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last night

On Tuesdays I take a few hours "off" from being a mom and a wife and do some stuff alone. I usually get home around the kids' bedtime so that I can still hang out with Nathan. Well last night I got home at 9:15pm (45 minutes after my son's bedtime) but no one was home. Last night Nathan took the kids over to our friends house and apparently they were having so much fun that they lost track of time. I started to tie things up around the house and headed toward bed when I got a phone call from Nathan that sounded like this:

Nathan:"We have a problem."
Me: "What?"
Nathan: (talking softly in the background to someone else amidst screaming) No that is his finger nail right there. Its ripped completely off. (To me) I need to take Jaxon to the hospital, he might have broken his finger.
Me:"Ok. Which one (hospital not finger)?"
N: "Physicians Regional"
Me: "Meet you there."

Upon arrival my son was red faced with snot running from his nose, still screaming and babying his arm with a bloodied pinky hanging limply. I rushed him inside where they started doing pointless things like weigh him and take his heart rate and all that. Then we sat....for over an hour. During that time Jaxon stopped screaming and started running around the lobby playfully. I decided to take Jovie home and feed her (it was well past her feeding time) at around 11:45p. I was home for about 20 minutes when Nathan and Jaxon came in the door. Instead of accruing more hospital bills Nathan opted to bring Jax home and get some sleep instead of waiting another few hours for an ER bed to open up. We cleaned it with peroxide, which Jaxon hates us for, and put him to bed at 12:15am. He managed to sleep all night but he isn't awake yet so we'll see how he is feeling pretty soon. I will keep you posted.

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MOM said...

Ahhh, the life of raising children... my poor baby boy. He needs his Gigi to kiss it and make it better! (or is it that Gigi needs him to kiss her and make it better???) Either way, hug him for me. We;ve all lost a fingernail in some painful accident during our childhood, I think.

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