Saturday, May 10, 2008


Reading is a favorite past time of mine that has been tossed out the window the last year or so due to lack of concentration skills. I am trying to edge my way back into it by reading less thought provoking texts so that I can build back up my capacity for deeper things.

I was given a book by the school Jaxon will be attending this Fall called "Kingdom Education" by Glen Schultz. Inside it challenges parents to take responsibility for the teaching of kids regarding the Gospel. It warns against placing that task in the hands of the Church and school alone - they are merely assistants or supports to what should already be going on at home. Here are some thoughts from the reading I was able to sneak in today:

* If parents do not train their children to acknowledge God they will, through default, train them to ignore Him. - Overman

*Instruction must be both preventative and corrective.

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