Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Slim Down

Ok so I am going to start a series called "Sunday slim down" where I post the progress of my recent resolution to get back to pre-baby weight status (pre-Jaxon). Basically I am using you to keep me accountable to my commitment b/c if I promise to blog about it each week then I had better be active in making something interesting happen. Keep in mind however that after Jaxon was born I trained for a marathon and a half marathon and was unable to lose 12lbs of the weight I gained with him. Just be patient is all I'm saying.

SO here we go...

Goal weight loss: 10-15 lbs


Kim Buckley said...

You can do it!
The hardest part is getting started, and you sound determined. GOOD LUCK!

Jennifer Barton said...

Ok, whatever! I'm sure you already look fabulous!!! But I totally understand desire for pre-pre-baby weight!!! Love you!

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