Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Slim Down

Well not much to report. I went for my first run in over a year on Monday and it felt great! I did about 2 miles without any cramping or breathing problems. Even the next day I wasn't sore. Nice to know I'm not starting at square one like usual. I need to be better about running consistently however (IE 3x a week) because only then will it make a difference. I did swim some laps though so my arms got a work out the other day. I tried to eat less but then I wasn't producing enough milk for Jovie so I had to up the calorie count again. I read that when you are nursing you should add 200 more calories to the already 300 more calories you are suppose to add while pregnant. So that might hinder my weight loss a little. So my goal this week is just to exercise regularly and not in spurts. I will update again next week.

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