Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Slim Down

This week was worse than last. Its embarassing that I thought I could start this weekly post as accountability when I am doing nothing to progress. As you can see by my previous post, I may actually be going backwards. My exhaustion, boredom, and frustration have turned into cookies, sweet tea and chips. I really hope I can snap out of this rut.
My goal this week: I may eat often but I can eat better.

Wish me luck!!


Eddie Christy said...


Wish some for me, too!

bonnie said...

You'll be fine. Try some Monster Mix from Target which is low fat and has m&m's in it or Chex Mix instead of chips. They tend to satisfy the "sweet tooth" without the calories and fat.

MOM said...

Work on having healthy snacky stuff around ... and don't give to much energy to the frustration. I do that and I think it makes it worse! Apples with peanut butter are becoming a fav.

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