Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are you serious?

Naples has a really small zoo, acceptable considering that Naples is a smaller town. But when we were thinking of coming to Phoenix I looked online for things to do here and the first thing I saw was the PHX zoo. It looked awesome! Finally Jaxon would see a real elephant and a giraffe, things missing from our home zoo. So on Thursday we made the plans and went- bright and early (7am) so we could beat at least some of the heat. When we got there, things looked promising. Being summer in AZ and already 105 degrees at 7 in the morning, there weren't many people there. We started out with great hope toward the animals. But after about 3 hours of walking around in the desert heat the only new animals (for Jaxon) we saw was a giraffe and a bear he could care less about. The rest of the cages were either vacant, no animal in sight, or common (IE monkeys) which left us disappointed.

Now let me ask you a rhetorical question... what happens to a three year old walking around in 105 degree heat looking for animals but instead becomes bored? MELTDOWN! That's right! And that is exactly what we got. Add that onto our day and we were anxious to get out of there.

There were a few smiling moments however. Here they are caught on camera.

In case you didn't catch the message, the Phoenix zoo sucks. Maybe its because its summer and things are less functional here in the summer but overall the zoo was more impressive in their set design then they were in their collection of animals.

At least Jaxon rode a carousel for the first time.

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Nathan said...

I miss you all! I'm getting ready to leave on our 14 hour journey back home...but you won't be there anyway. I love you. See you Monday!

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