Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bringing out the child in me

Many childhood memories for me took place in an establishment called Chuck E Cheese's. Last night I got to create some fun time memories with Jaxon at the very same place (well not the one I grew up going to in California but at the one here in Phoenix.) For years Nathan and I have talked about how much he would enjoy one of these places and we were right. Jaxon never stopped moving and we played every game in the place. If you have never been to one then you are missing out. Sure it might be trashy but its fun! Its like an arcade, pizza place and puppet show all in one building. Anyway it was cool to see my son enjoying himself just like I used to when I was his age and older. Tradition!!!

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Cherie <> said...

How fun! I used to love Chuck E Cheese's as a kid too. My favorite was the skeeball and the basketball hoops :). Brian is jealous you guys went. lol...I guess that's the kid in him coming out again! :)

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