Thursday, June 05, 2008

Heading to Phoenix

Ok so next Friday I leave for Phoenix to see my mom and step dad. I am taking the kids with me. Can you picture it? Me with two kids...alone...traveling over a 9 hour period...alone. What am I thinking!? Anyway, Nathan is going on a trip with the student choir and because I couldn't take Jovie with me this year, my folks are paying for us to come out there so I won't be alone for so long. I am really excited to see their new place but I am nervous for the travel. It was hard enough with two of us and one kid so I can't imagine how it will be when I am outnumbered. But that's not the point of this blog.

Many of you are travelers and have likely been to Phoenix so do you have any spots you think our little clan should hit while we are there? I've seen the Grand Canyon but there has to be more to do. I have heard the zoo is good there. Anyone ever been? Baseball games fun? Give me some tips you day trippers!


Amanda said...

John and I were on a plane with a mom by herself with a 9 month old baby and we shared baby-holding duties. I bet if you're comfortable with it, people will help you keep Jaxon entertained or will hold Jovie for you at times. Flights are probably going to be very full, but I bet some airlines would consider upgrading you.

roxann said...

I have had the pleasure of traveling with Lauren and Christina as babies.......alone.

keep your sense of humor!!!!

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