Monday, June 02, 2008

I hate associations

I know hate is a strong word but trust me, it applies to our association. If you remember back, about a month ago my mom got towed from our guest parking spot for not having a guest pass (something I came to learn was supposed to be issued to us upon the purchase of our home.) $186 later I wrote a letter requesting reimbursement for the towing fee and asked for the proper passes for overnight guests to be sent to us immediately. I got no response for weeks. I tried follow up calls but only to leave about 5 messages on their machine with no call backs. Then last week Nathan had a friend over hanging out and when he left at around 12:45 am his car was missing- again towed. The poor kid had to shell out $186 of his own to get his car back. The next day of course we passionately started calling the association but got no one. Today Nathan gets a call, finally, and they inform him that in a recent Board meeting, the association decided that if residents want guest parking passes it will cost them $50 each. "Even if we never got our free ones?" Nathan asked. "Yes." the lady responds.
Then I go to do a load of laundry and there is no water coming out. So I check my sink. Not a drop. Moments later there is a knock on my door and its the water company informing me that they shut off our water. Apparently there is a pipe that has busted down the street and its the associations job to fix it before the water company will turn the water back on for us.
"Great! Our non-responsive, could care less association is going to get right on that, Im sure of it," I thought to myself.

Guess I get to see how the other half of the world lives while I have no water- so far its pretty sticky.


MOM said...

Find out who your board president and other members are and start calling them... They live in your neighborhood and are easier to find that a non-resident, non-caring association company.

Amanda said...

Don't you just love Florida?!

Paper or Plastic ? said...

I know how you feel.... Cherie and I live in a neighborhood like that. The association seems to run our lives and not let us live. What is up with these STUPID associations? The homeowners association in the Shores runs our lives and makes decisions with out telling us. We have garbage can police in our neighbor hood!

Oh that thing with that water happened here too. We had no warning!

Don't you just love Naples Florida a place called "paradise".

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