Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kid's Update

A few people have requested a kid update so here it is:Jovie is great! She is such an amazing child. Often times I think back to how scared I was to mother a girl, and I know drama is likely in the future, but when I see her beautiful smiles, I can't help but think how lucky I am to have one of each.

One of the questions everyone asks is, "Is she a good baby?" THE BEST!! is my reply. She hardly ever cries and if she does its because she is tired or bored. She sleeps well, plays well and puts up with the roughness of Jaxon like a champ. She is sleeping about 7 hours consistently a night while sometimes reaching to 9. We like and appreciate those 9 hour nights since we usually don't get to bed as early as we should. Jaxon adores her and has stopped the pinching stuff- now he just holds her, wants to help burp her, and overloads her with hugs and kisses. It is so sweet to watch.

Jaxon is really becoming a little man (complete with a stubborn personality- I wonder where that came from). He helps me so much around the house and with Jovie and has learned how to entertain himself when I am distracted. It saddens me sometimes to see him alone so much but it also makes me look forward to him going to school in the fall because he will have people to play with again. He is so smart and has the memory of an elephant. He applies things he learns to various situations and constantly blows us away with his imagination. He is so fun.

Anyway, the kids are great. Mommy is tired but such is life eh?


Amanda said...

That first picture of Jovie is adorable!

bonnie said...

What a wonderful update! The precious little gifts certainly are incredible. Your flame of tenderness and love show through their smiles. You should be proud.

whittakerwoman said...

Oh I am so glad things are going well for you. Girls are drama, but Carlos is more drama than I am so you just never know what you are gonna get. I hope you keep loving it. H

whittakerwoman said...

hey girl, will you send me your address so I can mail you back that book I stole back in feb. :) H

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