Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not your typical date

Last night as I was thinking through ideas to implement with Jaxon I realized that before Jovie was born we set aside time for Jaxon to be alone with his daddy. We call it smoothie (or pizza) Saturday. After the church service Nathan and Jaxon go out and spend time together drinking smoothies or eating pizza while I teach my 11th grade Bible study. After Jovie came along we wanted to protect that special time so I keep her with me, at church in the nursery. But last night I realized that not only would it be good to have alone time with daddy but with me too. Sure he is "alone" with me all day but most of the time I am consumed with Jovie's needs or things around the house.

But today I decided to take Jaxon on a date. I left Nathan home with the baby and we went to the playground (not an easy place to go alone with one kid in arms while the other wants to be pushed on the swings the entire time.) It was so much fun! It was hot but we just kept racing each other and playing games as well as sliding, climbing and swinging. Good times.

Anyway, I was reminded today that Jaxon's main playmate (me) has been pretty distracted lately so its important to take time away together and maintain our connection too.

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Cherie <> said...

How sweet! I love that idea. It's kind of like what John and Kate did with their kids on John and Kate Plus 8...LOVE that show by the way :).

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