Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Slim Down

I am hopeful this week. With all of the temptations I have had (birthday and youth events) I have done pretty well. I am learning that even just saying no to at least some of the crap makes me feel better. Yes I have had some sweet tea and a couple of mochas but a lot less cake, ice cream and chocolate than I could have had given all the opportunities to chow. I have managed to cut down my emo-eating too. I eat when Jaxon eats (3x a day) and sometimes a snack. I stop when I am no longer hungry and often don't finish a meal- whereas before I was a bottomless pit. I think this is what people call "baby steps."

Weight loss goal: 15lbs
Loss to date: 0

Next weeks goal: Less milk products- go soy.


Cherie <> said...

A little tip, if you get a mocha at Starbucks you can get it with soy milk and since it's Vanilla Soy you need less pumps of the mocha which means less calories. I like the Vanilla Soy Latte and the White Mocha with Soy and only 3 pumps in a Venti. I was skeptical of soy before I tried it but I like the vanilla soy in hot drinks.

Amanda said...

Mmmh I love that stuff.

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