Friday, June 13, 2008

We have arrived

Today went pretty well. If you don't know, I traveled across country ( Southwest FL to Phoenix, Arizona) by myself with my two kids (3 years and 11 weeks). Other than the bathroom stops where I had to pump breast milk in a stall while entertaining 2 kids, things went great. I was so shocked at how helpful people were today. I can't count the amount of times people looked at me and asked sympathetically, "Are you all by yourself?" It was quite humerous. Jaxon was a champ- he stayed with me when he wasn't in the stroller and pulled his new little suitcase all around the airports (Ft Meyers, Atlanta, and Phoenix).

A special treat from the day came when I met up with a friend and fellow west coast girl for some Waffle House during our layover in Atlanta. Thanks Heather!

Jaxon didn't sleep a wink but Jovie seemed pretty content to be in my arms all day. My back hurts from my middle seat not reclining at all but I survived. Anyway, we are in the desert- I have already downed tons of water and lotioned up numerous times due to the drastic change from my FL humidity to this dry heat so I guess I will be all shriveled up by the end of this 10 day adventure in cactus land.

I will have to post how the night goes considering the elements: 1. We are 3 hours off due to the time zone change 2. Jaxon and I are sleeping in the same bed while Jovie is in a pack N play next to us- what fun!


whittakerwoman said...

I am glad to hear you got there safe. I am just pissed we did not have enough time together. :)
I hope you have a wonderful time. H

Simone said...

Did you discover the family restrooms and kids play areas at the airports you were in? The family restroom at Chicago's O'Hare airport was a sanity and bottom saver for me.

I traveled solo with my 5 & 2 yr old in February. We flew into O'Hare, but then the runways closed due to a snow storm. I had to spend the night in Chicago, with only 2 diapers. I knew if I could just make it to the family restroom at O'Hare, I would be able to purchase 2 diaper kits, and we would be just fine.

And we were...until they lost my luggage for a week and I was stranded in Canada with 2 kids, no car seats, only 4 toys, and just 1 change of clothes - for the kids and not for me.

Enjoy your time in Arizona. Don't dry out!!

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