Friday, June 27, 2008

We pray for easy

As a Christian there are certainly some things that go on in the church that irk me. For some of the more comical ones read this blog. But over time a certain prayer phrase has been eating away at me. I heard it again recently and I just had to vent about it.

Why is it that we pray for things to be easy? For example, say you are praying for someone who is going off to college or changing jobs... "Lord I just pray that this transition would be easy and smooth for them." Why do we ask it that way? Doesn't most of our character building and sharpening take place when things are difficult, when we are tested to see what we are really made of? So why do we pray for things to be easy for someone? Sure its a nicer thing to pray but if my concern is really for the other person and their spiritual growth then my prayer should sound more like this...

"Lord I pray that this transition goes the way it's suppose to and if its hard I pray that they will be strengthened through your sovereignty and power as You hold them up through it. May the edges be knocked off and the dark areas revealed by Your life-giving light."

Maybe its not as comforting but God is more interested in our character than our comfort don't you think?

Please, if you pray for me, don't ask God to make things easier, I strongly doubt that is within His plans for me anyway. Pray that God will make me stronger through Him and that the harder it becomes, the more leaning I will do into His capable arms. Only then can I really become more like Christ.


Shannon said...

you are so right...I'll take character over ease any day!!

MOM said...

You amaze me time after time with your depth and faith. Thanks for the reminder........ It also helps me to have a better attitude as I go through "growing phases". I love you.

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