Monday, June 30, 2008

What's for dinner?

I am pretty proud of myself. I have made dinner, from home, 4 times this week. The only nights I didn't cook we had a church function or a party to attend so we weren't even home. Maybe this is typical for most mom's and wives but not me. Usually its so stressful to cook alone with two kids running around (well one running, the other can't yet) that I rarely attempt it. However this week, I made it work. What was on the menu?

Here it is:

Tuesday night:
Beef Stew (veal, carrots, potatoes in a creamy herb mixture.)

Thursday night:
Homemade pizza (roasted garlic tomato sauce, three cheese mixture, pineapples on wheat crust)

Strawberry Shortcake (the real way, with biscuits)

Saturday night:
Cheese tortellini in parma rosa sauce and herb roasted potatoes

Monday night:
Lemon- Rosemary chicken with broccoli slaw and mashed potatoes

I am feeling like a real house wife these days. Hope my family doesn't start expecting this every week.


MOM said...

Nice follow-up to the article on fat Southern Baptists! ha ha ha
Sounds like pretty good food, too.

Bethany said...

Yay Bethany! Sounds really yummy! That seriously is quite the accomplishment :-)

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