Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Some of you may not know but I have adopted a little brother. His name is Alex. He will be turning 21 soon. He is a friend of Nathan's that my son adores and a guy that I am constantly giving a hard time through my sarcasm. In all actuality I love this kid. (But don't tell him cause it will go straight to his head) He is one of the most talented people I know with unlimited potential. Unfortunately he has gotten stuck in the average life. This boy can sing like a rock star, write like a poet, and love like a prince. But only a lucky few are privy to that side of his personality.

Anyway, my little brother has started a blog. This window into his heart is only the beginning I think; a starting point to an exciting journey...I can already see things are stirring in his soul. Come and take a peek for yourself HERE.

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Alex said...

Thanks for everything you are to me and will hopefully continue to be. I love you and am blessed to be considered apart of your family. I knew you always loved me no matter how hard of a time you gave me.

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