Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Computer malfunctions and random accidents

My computer is so messed up! I tried probably 10 times today to pick up our wireless internet but to no avail and then tonight, cha ching!

Anyway, I thought I would share another one of Jaxon's weird injuries with you. Tonight we went to the bookstore to replace a DVD I broke trying to get out of the package while on the plane home from Phoenix (the packaging is getting ridiculous on those things). Anyway, I was also planning on visiting a store nearby and grabbing us some grub at a nearby Steak and Shake so I pulled out the stroller and started unloading the kiddos. Well in the process of my son squeezing between the car and the stroller to get in place he touched his back on the exhaust pipe of the Xterra. Those things are pretty hot after a 10 minute car ride apparently. He was fine after a few minutes of tears but this is what it looked like a few hours later. I swear, could he have any more random ways to hurt himself or what?

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Amanda said...

Ouch! One of the worst injuries I ever had was on my dad's motorcycle's exhaust pipe. I knew I was getting off on the wrong side, but was curious... I never even told my dad I did it because I was afraid he'd be mad at me (which was dumb). But I had a burn the size of an orange. Those things hurt.

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