Sunday, July 06, 2008


So for the 4th I went all out. I mean, I actually ventured out alone with the kids to enjoy the events surrounding the holiday. Thursday we tailgated with friends Amanda and John in the outlet store parking lot for some firework fun. Jaxon is actually afraid of the sound of fireworks so he spent the night in my lap while telling me what color every firework that popped was. He also described the sound as the loudest bass drum ever (he is so musical it kills me). Jovie of course slept through the entire thing. Then I spent 45 minutes trying to get out of the parking lot- gotta love firework traffic. The next day I hauled the kids downtown for the annual parade. We met my friends Lindsey and Callie there since we were all man-less (their men had to work). The parade started off with a BANG! Literally. The army guys shot off their guns which sent Jaxon into a scream and he cried for the next 10 minutes in my lap. Jovie didn't move a muscle. We watched for an hour before we headed back to the car that I parked way too far from where we were sitting. After naps we headed out to the beach with our friends the Vallieres' and Berlie's for some hot dogs, slaw and lots of desserts. We played in the sand until it got dark and I watched the most beautiful sunset take place. Nathan met up with us around 8:30pm and fireworks started at 9pm over the pier. It was great. Jaxon watched from the comfort of my lap covering his eyes and chanting, "I want to go home now." Jovie of course slept through the whole thing. Then we joined the traffic yet again and headed home.

Finally our family was all together again. Hope your holiday was just as fun with a lot less crying!

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