Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My dog can talk but only to me.

My dog, Bailey and I have a special relationship. It seems that I am the only one who recognizes his forms of communication when he wants or needs something. I can always tell when something is wrong, when he is hungry and when he has to go out. Somehow, everyone else can go on with their day and not notice but I can see his cries for help right away. For instance, the other day we were all playing around on the floor in the living room and Bailey frantically started licking my legs. He washes everyone's feet with his tongue all the time (he so much like Jesus in that way) but this was different. I could sense the urgency in his saliva strokes. Although I had taken him out just about an hour before I could tell he needed to go again. So I took him and as soon as his foot hit the grass he was dropping a load. It made me smile. Once again my senses were keen to his needs and by following my intuition, he was relieved. No wonder he always comes to me when he needs something. My dog can talk but I am the only one who listens.

What about your pets? Do they have a particular family member they turn to when they need something? What forms of behavior do they have when they have to go out or are hungry? Can you hear your animal talking?


Eddie Christy said...

I have a similar relationship with my dog, LaFawnduh. She makes a lot of noises, though. When I was training her as a pup, I taught her to respond to words. Somewhere along the way, she decided that she wanted to be able to "say" those words back to me. For example, if she wants to go out, she quite literally makes a sound that sounds like "out". It's pretty impressive stuff.

On a side note, when I was house-breaking her, I taught her to do her business along the fence, so I wouldn't "cut my foot" as the old folks where I grew up used to say. It worked out very well and she never does her business anywhere other than by the fence. The downside is when we visit the girlfriend's parents, LaFawnduh will wait until she comes home to do her business. They don't have a fence at their house!

Amanda said...

John and I always know what Rosa is feeling and what she's going to do next. It's all about watching the ears, the tail, the eyes, etc. She's an only child, and so she's our baby.

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