Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our kids

The other day two of my friend's and I , with all of our kids, went to lunch together at Coconut Point. Afterward we headed to the outdoor playground, thankfully it was covered and out of the sun so it wasn't as hot. As we were walking over to it we passed a photo shop called The Picture People and were hit up by an employee there for a free 10x13 picture. I passed by and said I wasn't interested, being a photographer myself and all. But as we were sitting at the playground my other two friends came up with the idea to get a picture of all the kids together after they were done playing. Why not!? It was free right? So after they got their little cheeks all rosy from all the play we strollered our way into the shop and this is what they caught of our little munchkins. To say the least we each got a copy...mine was free! This is Jaxon's harem...AKA friends.


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Aww, Jaxon's quite the ladies man already ;)! They all look very cute...Is that the Crawfords and Berlies??

Bethany said...

ABSOLUTELY adorable!!

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