Friday, July 11, 2008

The struggle

They say that you learn more about God when you become a parent. I believe it. The hardest lessons I've had to learn came to the surface when I had Jaxon. I was reminded of another life lesson today as I was playing with Jovie. Most kids her age are doing back flips, ok so not really, but they are at least rolling over. Jovie is not. I can blame a couple of things for this: 1. she is "puffy" (as my friend's daughter referred to her the other day) AKA fat, so there is more of her to move and 2. I haven't been working with her at all. So the last few days I have set aside time while Jaxon is napping for Jovie to get her baby exercise (tummy time and rolling over practice).

Today as I was watching her little self fight and try and push just to fall back into place I was reminded of the struggle. The struggle we all have. The struggle to accomplish. Accomplish anything. I wanted to see her roll over so badly. I tried coaching, I tried getting her to focus, I tried everything I could think of to motivate just the right movement that she would acheive the goal. If she didn't make it, I would help her try again.

Eventually she will do it. But today she didn't. And that is ok, there is always tomorrow to try again.

Jovie would be the "us" character in the story and I would be the "God" role (as if). God watches us and cheers us on, desiring to see us succeed. But when we don't, He is still there, encouraging us to try again.

It's in the struggle where we learn: strength; perserverence; will power; etc. Our character is birthed here in the struggle.

Its in the accomplishment that we learn: confidence; ability; belief; etc. Our character is tested in the accomplishment. Who do we give credit for the achievement? Will we be willing to enter another struggle to experience another accomplishment? Do we get prideful or humble?

As much as I want to, it wouldn't help Jovie any if I just picked her up when it gets difficult. I could easily just say, 'she's not ready' and remove the hardship from the moment, but all I would do is weaken her character. I'm not willing to do that.

God isn't either.


Christina Seifert said...

wow bethany i'm so glad i read this post. it was very thought provoking. i makes me want to get up and try again facing the struggles with my family's divorce. you inspire me to keep trying and have more faith in God because through him anything is possible. it will surely be an accomplishment when i get through this.
thanks you brightened my day (:

Cherie <> said...

Wow, the things you can learn from a little baby! :) Don't feel too bad about Jovie though, we have a chubby little boy at my Day Care (6 months old and probably over 20 lbs) and he just rolled over about a month ago. He's still having trouble with it too. It happens. Not every baby will achieve those milestones at the same time, and I'm sure you know that. Just watch, she'll be rolling all over the place in another month or 2 ;). Then comes crawling! :)

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