Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Slim down

Oops! I forgot I was supposed to be doing this each week. Or maybe I just didn't want to tell you how little is changing and how inconsistent I have been with food. Either way, here are my latest stats:

Weight loss goal: 15 pounds
Weight loss to date: 4 pounds

I have been back to pre-Jovie weight for awhile now but that isn't giving me much hope. The weight I gained from Jaxon didn't budge when I was training for a marathon so Im not sure what it will take to get rid of it now. I have committed to running three times a week for at least 30 minutes and hope to soon get a gym membership or start a Pilates class when I have extra $. My goal is to be strengthened all over and I've heard Pilates is where to go for that. Eventually I will train for another race but I have few other things I would like to accomplish first.

Anyway, Im trying...


Cherie <>< said...

Trying is all that matters. Keep plugging away and you'll eventually see results. Hey, 4 lbs would be a great start for me, so I envy you! lol...and I haven't even had any babies at all. My weight loss goal is like 30-40 lbs and I don't have a CLUE where to begin! Any tips??? P.S.-I don't run, but I can walk. lol

Amanda said...

Cherie and Bethany:
One of the best ways is to team up with friends or a spouse and hold each other accountable (that's how my mom has lost weight and it's been the only thing that worked). I guess it's even more important for your spouse to be on board so they can help you by not having junk food in the house, not tempting you by suggesting frappucinos and ice cream at night, etc. Which I would imagine is tough with Bethany's Pop-Tart buttering husband!

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