Sunday, July 27, 2008


Now, I love my husband but let's be honest, he is no handy man. However he does have the strong urge to act like one at times. One of those times was today. A branch from the palm tree in front of our house was driving me crazy with how low it was hanging. We kept running into it every time we were getting in the car. Well this afternoon while I was outside washing both cars, Nathan decided it was time to cut the branch down (typically the job of the grounds maintenance people). So into the garage he went, searching for the perfect tools to get the job done. Now the grounds people usually use a huge shredder, saw looking, scissor like, thing on a really long stick but not my man. Not even close. Here is what he returned from the garage with... a box cutter and a hammer.

To his benefit, we don't even have saw like, shredding, scissor tools laying around the house but still...that is ambitious. After some hard work it managed to come down but the thought of it still makes me chuckle.

Then he came in the house and said, "Yuck. I feel so dirty now." Ha! I love him.


Amanda said...

Maybe he and John should take one of those classes that teaches how to change the oil in the car and stuff.

MOM said...

Good for Nathan. Steps in to make his wife happy ... even with a tool deficit disorder. I have been known to hack at the base of Christmas trees with an electric carving knife in my day.........
He is creative, and successful, it seems.

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