Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Writing on the walls

Most parents dread the day when their kid writes on the walls but I invited mine to do it. Ok so it wasn't the wall but he didn't care, it was fun no matter what. I write bible verses on our bathroom mirror all the time with a dry erase marker and today I came up with the idea to let Jaxon play a little in his bathroom.

To reduce stress for you and increase fun for them, follow these tips:
1. Be there, don't leave the room.
2. Tell them to only draw on the mirror when mommy or daddy says its ok.
3. To avoid marking on walls give parameters. I drew a line he couldn't color over about 2 inches from the wall. He never touched it.
4. Don't be too restrictive. Allow creativity.
5. Get colors ( I only had black)
6. Trace their hands or ask them to draw their faces as they see it in the mirror.
7. Show them how words read correctly when written backwards on a mirror.
8. It's easy clean up (just wipe off) so leave it up for awhile. They love to look back at their art.

What are some creative ways you let kids play?


roxann said...

Rainy day fun....and great way to learn. Try writing with/in shaving cream, put a thin layer on the kitchen table.

Dawn Marie said...

YOU are amazing.

Amanda said...

I like to let kids play with their food. Build houses with peanut butter and pretzels. See if they can build a house without the peanut butter and talk about why it's easier with the PB. Draw letters, faces, shapes, etc. in can also use cornstarch, applesauce, sand...(put cornstarch or sand on a baking sheet to help keep it on there). There's also a zillion recipes for different kinds of play-doh (edible, smelly, soapy, gooey) that are always so much fun.

And...let kids mix their Play-Doh!

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