Monday, August 04, 2008

3 in 1

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt like I lived 3 days in 24 hours. Let's break it into thirds since that is how it felt to me.

The first half of the day (Day #1) I spent with my kids, piddling around the house. One of the good things (there are so very few my love) about Nathan being gone is that when I put things away, they stay there for awhile. I managed to find the other half of the floor in our bedroom and the other half of the sink/counter in our bathroom simply by putting things in their place. I felt like I uncovered about 200 more square feet to my house.

The second half of the day (Day #2) was spent preparing for and throwing this girl (Amanda) a baby shower. It was frilly but fun. The girl I was throwing the party with is heir to a catering business so you can imagine how great the spread was. Not to mention the beautiful/typical Naples mansion-like home she allowed us to host it in. We spent hours opening gifts, creating a scrapbook for the baby (Maryn), eating and playing games. It was great!
The third half of my day (Day #3) started with a 20 minute stop at home to grab the kids and then heading over to a 3-year old birthday party for one of Jaxon's friends. It was horse-themed and it came equipped with it's very own pony to ride around on. Plus there was a cotton candy and popcorn machine. Poor Jaxon didn't get any cotton candy b/c I made him wait for the cupcakes to be given out. I don't trust cotton candy.Afterward I rushed my crying, tired children home and tossed them into bed, took the dog out, pumped and hit the pillow myself.

Have you ever had one of those 3-in-1 days?


Anonymous said...

The day we moved to GA...
Morning breakfast with brother (which was very rare since he lived 5 hours away)
9am court date that made Losiah officially ours
10-2 say goodbye, visit sandals office one last time, visit a friend, leave our house
Then we boarded the plane and flew out here.
Made it to ATL and our new home. It was a crazy day! H

MOM said...

I recall Jaxon riding a horse at Halleluah Night. Did he like it at the birthday party? He looks so big up there!!

Amanda said...

Yay! The baby shower WAS amazing. Thank you so much!

Good picture, too!

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