Friday, August 29, 2008

Babies Babies and more Babies

The topic of babies has been on my heart a lot lately. I started researching adoptions from Uganda and at one orphanage they suggest you adopt two at a time. Not wanting to close doors to what God might be wanting to do, I started praying about it. I had only planned on adopting one but was I called to adopt two? Did Nathan want two more kids? Anyway, my goal in the entire process is to not project my plans or agenda on God's purpose so I have allowed my heart to be open to anything. I'm not saying that we are adopting 2 kids so don't start freaking out on me.

Then this morning I went with my friend AMANDA to her midwife appointment. She is doing it o' natural and I was curious to see the set up. Listening in on their discussion made me get all jittery about having another baby. There is nothing like that moment when a little human being is placed in your arms and you become a mommy (whether through pregnancy or adopting). Its surreal. So the moment I saw Nathan I started asking him about what he wanted as far as more kids were concerned. All afternoon we have been tossing ideas and options out. All the while knowing that God has messed with our plans before and that He could very well do it again.

Also this afternoon I have a maternity photo shoot so the beauty of pregnancy (easier for me to appreciate on someone else) will be in my face even more. All that to say that I have been inundated with the whole baby topic today.

Guess I need to just go and snuggle on my little ones because today I am reminded of how truly precious they are.

How many children do you want to have? Are you considering adoption? If so, within the US or internationally?


Amanda said...

Ha! Sorry I overwhelmed you! I would like to adopt later, when my kids (and I don't even have any yet) are a little bit older, and by that time I'd like to adopt two. I'd like to adopt two siblings because it's so hard to keep them together and then maybe if they ever feel left out or have an identity crisis, at least they'll have a sibling to identify with, you know? A connection to where they come from.

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I would like to have 2 or 3 kids, but Brian only wants 2 (I was one of 2 kids and he was one of 3...ironic, huh?). I have considered adoption, especially if the Lord chooses not to bless us with biological children because I want more than anything else to be a mother. But even if we do have children of our own, I would still consider adoption-who am I to limit God? I would probably want to adopt in the US just because so many children need homes here too and since it is easier and cheaper, most people adopt internationally. But again, who am I to limit God, so I would explore both options.

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