Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of PreK

Today Jaxon jumped in with both feet for his first day of PreK3. The original plan was to have an orientation sort of thing on Monday night before starting school today but because of the impending storm Fay, they rescheduled the orientation for tomorrow night but still started the school year off this morning. It was kind of hectic as you can imagine...all of us parents new to the school thing didn't help. But Jaxon was awesome. We walked in and he headed straight for the puzzles. I made him come back to the door to meet his new teacher, Miss Enders, and to drop off his backpack and snack in the corresponding bins. Then he was off again to complete his first mission, the puzzles. I snapped pictures while he did his thing, not even phased that other kids were clinging to their parents unsure of their new surroundings. Nathan, I and Jovie stood back and watched him make his rounds to each part of the room, scoping out future activities and toys. Then the teacher called all of the kids to "carpet time" which was our cue (given by the principal) to head out. We could peek in through the window of the door if we wanted to. I gave Jax a hug and kiss and told him I would see him later and that I loved him and he said, " Ok. See ya later. Hasta luego!" (He learned Spanish from a CD in his Chik Fil A meal). I looked through the glass a few times only to see a content little boy bowing his head to pray with his new class and totally oblivious to the fact that he was starting a journey he would be on until he was 18 (forcibly that is). I was so proud. He is my little man and I have such a special spot in my heart for him. Can't wait to hear all about what he learned when I pick him up today!

PS That picture is foggy b/c it was adjusting to the humidity of a typical FL morning.


Amanda said...

What a brave little boy! Congratulations to ALL of you on a very potentially stressful, milestone kind of day.

Kim Buckley said...

Awwww, Hooray!

I am so glad that it went smoothly for all 4 of you this morning!
Yay for PreK! :)

The Herrenbrucks said...

OH HE IS GOING TO LOOOOOOOVE STACEY ENDERS! I love her so much - amazing! He looks like a little man with his litle backpack - precious! I bet you can't believe he just had his first day of Pre K! He'll do great - he is so smart!

MOM said...

oh, my big man! just look at him! he is such a precious gift.

MOM said...

P.S. I remember your first day of Pre K............ tears welling as I think of it all

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