Monday, August 25, 2008

God can use anything

Today I was reminded of how the Holy Spirit works. Its the little whispers that tell you to do something that would otherwise have been done differently that show itself purposeful in the end. (Its always purposeful but not always do we get to see it.) But today I got to see it. It was small and if I wasn't paying attention I could have missed it completely.

As I was getting dressed this morning I started to reach for a plain white tank top to put underneath my short sleeved hoodie that I was planning to wear. Instead I grabbed a C&C tank top that my friend bought me for the Susan G Komen 5K I walked this past March that has the pink ribbons on it. The last time I wore this I was 9 months pregnant but for some reason I felt compelled to pick it up today and put it on. I put my hoodie over top and headed out. I almost changed right before I left the house b/c the tag was scratching my back but I decided to just leave it on.

Anyway, all that detail about my morning routine had a purpose. When I got to my dentist appointment I noticed that my hygenist seemed to be wearing a wig. I started to assume she had cancer of some kind. After about 10 minutes of small talk she asked me about my tank top (barely showing at the bottom of my hoodie mind you). I had totally forgotten I was wearing it. I told her the story of where I got it and how I wore it while particpating in the breast cancer walk this past spring. She talked around it for awhile but then eventually came to the point that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was currently going through treatments. She said she just had her last chemo (hopefully) and that she was going to take a vacation next week to recover and wait for the reports to see if she was cancer free. I asked her how she was feeling and at first she said good but then she opened her heart to me and shared her fears and anxiousness. I told her that I would be praying for her and that next time I race I would write her name on my sign as another woman who has fought bravely against breast cancer. She grinned with tears sparkling in the corner of her eyes.

After she made my gums bleed and teeth sparkle, I hopped in the car and thanked God for the opportunity to pass along some of His encouraging words to her. If it wasn't for the itchy tagged tank top I almost didn't wear, that might not have happened. I love how God uses anything and anyone.

Pay attention to the whispers and random actions you feel compelled to make today. It just might change someone's day.

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