Thursday, August 14, 2008

Netflix for Toys

Have you ever seen something and thought "if only I had thought of that"? Well Baby Plays is one of those ideas.

"BabyPlays recognizes that many parents want their children to experience the learning opportunity and skill development that comes through playing with a variety of toys. However, we also recognize that it is simply unnecessary to buy everything! Often times, a parent will purchase a toy for their child, only to find that within a few weeks or less the child is bored with that toy. Some parents respond to that boredom by purchasing yet more toys, soon to find out that they have a room full of toys that are no longer of interest to their child."

So BabyPlays is a type of toy rental for kids. The Today Show called it "Netflix for babies." You choose a rental plan, the age of your child and you get to pick toys to rent. Each month you can choose new toys (or keep the ones that your kid really likes). It may seem expensive with plans starting at $36.99 a month, but if you think about it 4 toys for $37 is about $9.25 a toy (not too bad). You don't have toys that are no longer age appropriate taking over your house.

The creator also said that it is a great idea because it teaches your child not to beg at stores. They can go on the computer w/ the parent and pick the toys that they want instead of throwing one of those oh so lovely tantrums in the middle of the store while the man with the newborn looks at you like you are the worst mom EVER ( and you just think... what a lovely surprise you will have in 2 years Worlds Best Dad!)

I know what some of you must be thinking, "How clean is that?" Well each toy is tested for lead and sterilized with 100% natural cleaner approved by the EPA.

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MOM said...

interesting concept ... is shipping free like Netflix? Maybe you and some friends could just start a rotating toy share group and the toys would seem new to your kids when it comes back to them???????? No monthly fees that way. But I guess Jaxon would end up with pink dolls to play with all the time since his friends are mostly girls............

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