Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One of those moments

As you can imagine there has been little time for blogging in my day. With Nathan gone and Jovie's schedule changing just as I get used to things, there is not 5 minutes of the day that I don't have one of the two kids to tend to. So I will just share with you a quick conversation that took place between Jaxon and I a few days ago that you might find entertaining.

Picture this...
Jaxon and I are doing our own things in the kitchen (I am putting dishes away while he watches his bouncy ball reaching new heights.) Then I hear his little voice say this...

"It's don't have any time for me anymore."
with sad concern I make sure I heard him correctly by asking, "What buddy?"
"It's don't have any time for me anymore," he repeats.
"Oh, honey. Im so sorry." then I ramble on and on about how I am trying my best to be there for both he and Jovie but sometimes its hard for mommy to do it all. At this point I am on the verge of tears thinking about what a horrible mother I am to have my son saying this to me. Then he says it again.
"It's don't have any time for me anymore."
Its then that I realize each time he says it, it sounds exactly the same...almost rehearsed. Then I remember how my son has the memory of an elephant so I ask him this...
"Jaxon...who says that?"
To which he replies casually, " Miriam on Veggie Tales."
I throw up my hands in disbelief that my son has just crushed my heart by simply repeating a line he memorized from a movie and that he has no emotional attachment to those words. He went on his merry way while I shook my head at the comedy of the whole thing.
Ohhh parenting. Why must there be so many emotional ups and downs??


MOM said...

Reminds of me my mother saying "I love you"............ I was so crushed. I have laughed about it but it really did hurt.
Isn't it interesting that Jaxon picked the one line that would stab your heart the strongest?? Wow. I do admire his memory skills, though. LOL

Anonymous said...

Bethany- that is hilarious and heartbreaking all in one breath. Maybe it's God's subtle way of reminding you that you are an incredible parent, and the hardest judge of your own parenting skills. You're doing an amazing job!!
-Bethany Roe

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