Monday, August 11, 2008

The only thing I can think to write is an update so here it is...

Mama J, my mother-in-law, arrived on Thursday and is helping me out with the kiddos. Jaxon has adored having her around to play with and often times you will hear him making fun of her southern accent (that's my boy!) We have been having some sleep issues however- rough nap times and waking up at 6am ready to play (used to be 7:30 or 8). He is loving the Olympics and his favorites sports to watch so far are swimming and the high bar portion of gymnastics. He likes to watch the Tivo we have of the opening ceremonies too. Jovie is still not pooping on her own but I am trying to follow doctors orders and be patient for better results. She has an appointment on Wednesday so I will let you know what my little chunk weighs these days. I suspect they will tell me she has an ear infection too as she pulls on her ear whenever she eats lately. Both of those things are causing her to wake up a few times at night but she manages to get back to sleep until 7am, when I start her day, with no major problems. MamaJ has enjoyed dressing her up each day and buying her little dresses to wear in the future.

On another note, Nathan's half of the closet shelving decided it was time to take a rest and pulled itself out of the wall sending his rockstar amount of clothing to the floor. I was kind of expecting it to happen since my side fell out awhile ago and I learned the shelves weren't installed very sturdily. Anyway I was raised in a "do it yourself" family so I took to the tool box, grabbed the leftover anchors, screws and hooks from the last time my closet broke and set out to fix everything. My step dad was around last time so I just followed what he had done like a little protege and viola'...closet is as good as new (actually even stronger).

As for me, I am tired. Late nights and early mornings are leaving my eyes heavy and my head aching. I have a chiropractor appointment today so hopefully that will help. People keep asking if its hard without Nathan and truth be told, its easier. Let me explain. When he is home, I expect his help. When I don't get it, I get frustrated. When he is gone, I know all the work is on my shoulders so I accept it more. I don't expect any reprieve and therefore I am not dissapointed by not getting any. As for missing him, absolutely I do! I love my man. He is my best friend. Just yesterday I was craving one of his supportive, comforting hugs. I miss the way he makes me feel like no matter how hard the day was, that I am still a good mom. I am so thankful to have a love like his in my life. He gets back on Thursday morning and I can't wait to smother him!

SO thats what is going on in my world... How are you?

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Amanda said...

Wow! I am impressed by your handiness with the closet. John has spoiled me and led me to be quite helpless. It's all his fault. Of course, it would probably take him a few weeks to fix it...but I would gladly wait!

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