Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sell Yourself

So I really stepped into unknown territory when I decided to start taking money for taking pictures of people. Until now it was just a side hobby. But things have changed. Now I have to depend on the income in order for Jaxon to go to school and have swim lessons. Things are slow right now so I am trying to be creative and think of ways to market my services without spending too much. I have never been one to sell myself well. Not in an interview when I was a working girl and not now. I have some ideas swimming around but I thought I would take it to you guys...

Any ideas? What marketing tactics have worked for your business?


Jim Drake said...

Christmas card photos--families are always looking for something new to put on their cards

Senior photos---jump into the Fall with Senior photos--take them on location somewhere.. I bet you'd have some takers

Baby photos--you know how fast they change

Anniversaries--not the wedding route exactly but what if you captured the day like you do for a wedding.

Melissa said...

Uganda mommy here pearlsfromafrica.blogspot
email me and I will give you all the scoop
sorry it took so long to get back to you, I just found your comment.

Anonymous said...

read a book titled guerilla marketing there are a ton of ideas in it many of which are inexpensive. The author is jay levison check spelling on last name. It is available at the library.


Amanda said...

Advertise at the Family Birth Center in Naples, that you can do pregnancy photos and photos of the baby's first day (and lots, lots more). LOTS of people advertise there. You can use my pictures as samples!

roxann said...

give me a call.....I have an idea!

Kim Buckley said...

there is a terrific company on the web, vistaprint.com - if you sign up for their free emails, you'll get all kinds of product offers... They do biz cards, car magnets, postcards, et cetera, and I swear I get at least one email per week for free items, you only have to pay shipping. Great way to get some free advertising!
PS I absolutely LOVED your post about the tank top. Thank you for sharing that truth about God using everything!!

Amanda said...

Car magnets! Put one of those advertising your business on your car. When people see your car at church, I bet they'd take special interest because I know I kind of like to support the businesses of fellow church members.

Anonymous said...

Go to local children places (gymnastics, consigment shops, etc) and ask them if you can put your business card in their lobby. Advertise a special on craigslist.com (if that is popular down there). If you have a local resource guide for parents, offer to do free photo shoots for their cover in exhchange for free advertising.

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