Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Slim Down

Again I have been slacking on these posts.

I have managed to lose some weight, not sure how, but I am thankful. While I haven't been able to run as I would like to (I rarely am provided the time once a week) I have made some adjustments to what I eat. I made a list of things I was going to do that would be practical and possible and so far it seems to help, if even just a little.

* No fast food
* No bread at restaurants (except Carrabba's)
* Limit sweet tea consumption to 3 a week
* No desserts when eating out ( I have NOT been good at this one)

Those changes have left me 4lbs lighter than I was the last time I posted so that brings my grand total weight loss so far to: 8lbs.

Like I said last time, I have been back to my pre-Jovie weight for awhile now but I am working on the extra 15 I have been carrying around from Jaxon the last 3 years. So with that in mind...

Goal weight loss: 15 lbs
Loss to date: 8lbs

Do I have it in me to lose 7 more?


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Way to go! I know you can lose that last 7, but for the record you look great now! My friend is using this website called where you count calories and in the past 2 months she's already lost 17 lbs. I tried it but it's not really working for me, probably because I don't exercise, and because most of my calories come from carbs! :) I will try your 3 tips, they just might help. Although, my big weakness is sweet tea-I brew it in the coffee pot at home and I go through like a gallon a week! Maybe I should try to limit mine to just at my 3 meals to start with...

Jennifer said...

Girlfriend...I am thinking that you are looking great, and can forget about the last 7lbs. Wasn't i always telling you before you had Jaxon that you needed to go eat a hamburger! LOL!!! Good job on the 8lbs though, especially since Jovie is only a few months old! You are the woman! Love you!

bonnie said...

Sounds good. As far as eating out, take a look at the book called "Eat This, Not That". It will tell you what foods are low calorie at various places including McDonald's. No other book like it!

Nathan said...

we own that book. It is a fascinating book!

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