Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tender Moments

There are so many tender moments being a mommy. I was reminded of one today during one of Jo's nap times. Her "fussy" (that is relative) time is around 4:30-5pm. She gets really tired but fights closing her eyes when she is laying down. We have tried many things to soothe her but the only thing that seems to work is me. In particular, my hand. If I place my pointer finger in the palm of her hand she will close her fingers around it and instantly be calmed. Its amazing. It works in the car too, if she gets fussy in her car seat and I lean back and offer my hand to her, she relaxes. Once I told Nathan to try it when I wasn't able to and it didn't work for him. Since then he has continued to try but apparently its just not the same to her.

It makes me feel really special when my kids respond well to something I do. More tender moments to come I am sure.

FYI that picture is not of my hand...I don't do nail polish.


Amanda said...

Oh! You almost made me cry. I hope our baby loves me. :)

MOM said...

the double edged sword of being "the special parent" ... you are loved beyond measure & can comfort with a finger but must always be there. You definitely have the special quality to calm your children... I've seen it with Jaxon also. Your love is amazing (oh, is that a song????)

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